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LVGS #1 in Courts Reading Competition

When the curtain came down on the 9th annual Courts Reading Competition, the Lodge Village Government School recorded its first victory. Seven students competed for the title of “Champion Reader” but it was Jonneil Stowe of the Lodge Village Government School that emerged overall winner. Jonneil recorded the first win for her school since the inception of the competition in 2009. Among other prizes, she has won the opportunity to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the regional leg of the competition in St. Lucia next year. The students competed in 2 categories. They read a narrative titled The Deductive Mr. Horsefly, followed by a news item with the caption Never Give Up. Jonneil am

CPEA 2018 - No Need To Fear

There are a few changes related to the 2018 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) but there’s no need to fear. This is the sentiment expressed by Bernadette Greaves, Senior Education Officer for Exams and Assessment in the Ministry of Education. External Assessment of Social Studies From next year, Social Studies will be externally assessed for the first time, so students will take final exams in four subject areas rather than three: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. As a result of this, the exam period has been extended to 2 days, May 17 and 18. The exams will be administered in the morning only, with Mathematics and Social Studies on day one and Language Arts and S