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Agents of Change Inc. Donates School Supplies to Valley Schools

As the new school year approaches, an overseas-based organization called Agents of Change Incorporated has stepped in to help bridge the gap between what some families can afford and what their children need. Earlier today, representatives from the Agents of Change organization handed over a set of school supplies to six (6) institutions in the Marriaqua Valley: Cane End Government, Evesham Methodist, Marriaqua Government, Mountain View Adventist Academy, Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist and Richland Park Government School. Agents of Change is an organization directed by Vincentians based in Canada and representative, Othneil James, explained that the group’s ultimate goal is to make St.

KIND Behaviour Modification Programme

This year marks 13 years since the establishment of the KIND Programme in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. KIND is an acronym for Kids In Need of Direction and is a programme which emphasizes the critical relationship between home and school in facilitating positive changes in student behavior. KIND has three components: (1) A vacation behaviour modification programme (2) a parenting programme and (3) an after-school component that offers academic support to students. KIND is a 3-year programme which targets students at grade 4 and continues with these students until grade 6. The 2019 KIND Vacation Programme was held from July 15 to August 2 and is a joint venture of the Students Support Ser