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The Unit offers their services to students via the National Diagnostic Tests (NDT) in:

  • Mathematics and English

  • Common Entrance Examination (CEE)

  • School Leaving Examination (SLE)

  • CXC

  • GCE

  • London Examinations

National Tests/Examinations

The Unit administers National Tests/Examinations:

A. The National Diagnostic Tests

These tests are curriculum based and diagnostic, they are offered to students of Grade 2 and 4 in English and Mathematics.  The main purpose of this form of testing is to enhance the teaching and learning process in the School System.  The tests are administered during the first term of the school year, so that the teachers can assess whether students possess the necessary knowledge and skills which they showed have acquired at the previous level.  These tests were also initiated because

1. There was no systematic instrument to measure students’ performance prior to the Common  Entrance Examination.  
2. Literacy and numeracy levels in the primary school system are unsatisfactory.  
3. Schools need to be more equitable in terms of student performance.

B. The Caribbean Primary Exist Assessment (CPEA)

C. School Leaving Examination


The Assessment and Evaluation Unit co-ordinates and administers examinations for a number of external bodies including

1. the Caribbean Examinations Council (bi annually)
2. University of Cambridge – GCE (O, AS, and A Levels)
3. University of London – GCE (bi annually)

The Unit also assists with the administration of final examinations for several courses offered by the University of London including:

  • LLB

  • Law with Management (B Sc.)

  • Management with Law (B Sc.)

  • Accounting (B Sc.)

  • Diploma in English

Examination & Assessment
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