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Questelles Government School To Resume Classes on Tuesday November 12

As a precautionary measure, the Ministry of Education has made a decision to keep the Questelles Government School closed until Tuesday November 12 as a result of a potential health hazard.

On Wednesday November 6, 2019; the Ministry of Education was informed of a rodent problem by the management of the Questelles Government School. Fully aware of the magnitude of this situation, an immediate decision was made to suspend classes at the school for the remainder of that week, in order to guard against the potential hazard and to allow the relevant authorities to intervene.

The Environmental Health Unit was immediately contacted and responded with school visits on Thursday November 7 and Friday November 8 to assess and address the problem. On Monday November 11, the Environmental Health Unit advised the Ministry of Education that classes could resume, having completed a full assessment of the facility. However, as a further precaution, the Ministry has made the decision to keep the school closed until Tuesday November 12.

Meanwhile, the Building Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) and the Public Health Department are collaborating and working assiduously to fully remedy the situation.

The Ministry of Education thanks all parents, students and staff of the Questelles Government School for their understanding, patience and usual cooperation on this matter.

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