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Protecting Richmond Bay: Preserving Our Sea Turtles

Students of the Petit Bordel Secondary School and Richmond Vale Academy recently participated in an exercise to protect Richmond Bay and preserve our sea turtles.

On Wednesday 11th October, the students were involved in a tree planting exercise, in which they placed mangroves along the coastline for protection. The planting of mangroves is also critical in preserving Richmond’s sandy bay, where sea turtles often migrate to lay their eggs. Through active involvement in conserving Richmond Bay, the students were exposed to a deepened understanding of how important is it to take care of our natural environment.

Nyron Collis, an Agricultural Science student of the Petit Bordel Secondary emphasizes the value of the mangrove ecosystem and suggests how stakeholders can get involved.

The Coastal Tree Planting exercise formed part of activities in phase 2 of the Sea Turtle Conservation Programme in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The programme is funded by St. Vincent and the Grenadines Preservation Fund and is being implemented by the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority, in collaboration with the Fisheries Division.

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